Appointments & Questions

New Clients Welcome!


Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Your kitten will be a great companion for years to come. We want to help you keep your furry friend happy and healthy, and the first step is bringing your kitten in for a physical exam.

During your appointment, one of our gentle veterinarians will discuss your pet’s medical needs with you and develop a care plan tailored specifically for your pet.

We will also conduct a thorough physical examination, collect a stool sample to check for parasites, and discuss the following components of your kitten’s care:

  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite testing and prevention
  • Litter box training
  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • Any necessary blood tests
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Socializing your pet with other family members

We are honored to help pet owners care for their new companions during this extra special stage of life.