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Diagnostic Care

Our wellness program is designed to keep your cat feeling his or her best, but illness and injury do happen. If you think your cat is sick or injured, do not hesitate to call. The earlier that disease and injury are detected, the greater are your pet’s chances of a full and speedy recovery.

Our facility is fully equipped with an in-house laboratory, ultrasound, and digital x-ray, helping us diagnose medical conditions with a great deal of accuracy and speed.


Digital X-Ray

Digital x-ray produces crystal clear images that can be manipulated to get a closer look at your pet’s bones and organs. When our veterinarians want an outside opinion, digital images can easily be sent to specialists for consultation. Digital x-ray also uses less radiation than traditional film x-ray, making it safer for your cat.



While x-ray provides a clear image of the skeletal system, ultrasound lets our veterinarians take a closer look at the internal organs. Ultrasound is used to examine the heart, bladder, kidneys, liver, and other internal organs. It is also commonly used to detect cysts and tumors or monitor pregnancies. Ultrasound uses soundwaves to measure your pet’s organs, so that the procedure is very safe for your pet.


In-House Laboratory

We are equipped with an on-site laboratory, allowing us to perform many health screenings from the convenience of our own facility and giving us direct, immediate access to your pet’s results. In critical cases, we can return results quickly and get started on treatment right away.


External Laboratory

When we can’t perform a test on-site, we send samples to an external laboratory. Through the combination of our in-house and external laboratories, we are able to offer a wide range of health screenings for your cat.